sexta-feira, setembro 16, 2005

I felt like destroying something

Fight club in full swing. Jack battles Angel Face, BEATING
the shit out of him with unprecedented viciousness.

I felt like putting a bullet between
the eyes of every Panda that wouldn't
screw to save its species.

The crowd shouts maniacally, save Tyler, who watches with an
inscrutable stone face.

Angel Face tries to speak, but Jack POUNDS too hard. Blood
flies. The crowd begins to grow QUIETER.

I wanted to open the dump valves on
oil tankers and smother all the
French beaches I'd never see.

Finally, Angel Face lies still, unconscious. Jack stops,
stares down, numb. Jack walks away -- the crowd parts to
let him pass. Jack scans faces... finds Tyler.

Where did you go, Psycho-Boy?

I felt like destroying something

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