quinta-feira, julho 20, 2006

wild at heart

They step up to the bar and order two Lone Star beers. The BARTENDER, a
tall, heavyset man slowly forms his hand into “the bird.” He holds his
hand that way while he speaks...

This is a friendly place, son. You
folks just relax and have a nice time.

(bound and determined not
to be intimidated)
You got yourself a deal.

(to Sailor)
That’s a real jacket... By that,
I mean a real stupid jacket.

This is a snakeskin jacket, and for
me it represents a symbol of my
individuality and my belief in
personal freedom.

Fuckin’ honky cracker mumbo jumbo.

do filme: wild at heart

3 comentários:

Mr_Lynch disse...

"This is a snakeskin jacket, and for me it's a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom."
E "mai" nada!

carlopod disse...

eh lá, o wild at heart depois do requiem for a dream.... parece que se está a fazer uma lista dos filmes da minha vida :-o

corpo visível disse...

este filme é fabuloso!
muito boa a sequência.