terça-feira, março 24, 2009

a humanidade é volátil...

"Take off the mask.

What did you expect, a monster?

My name's George.

You probabIy knew that aIready.

Can't get your mind around it, huh?

I don't have any answers.

Nothing I can say wiII make you sIeep easier at night.

I wasn't beaten. I wasn't moIested.

Mommy didn't abuse me.

Daddy never raped me.

I'm onIy what I am.

That's aII there is to it!

There's no mystery.

Things I do, I do them because
I Iike them.

Because I want to."


1 comentário:

dcc disse...

Olá! Por acaso o engenheiro até levava umas sovas da mãe.